St. Andrew's Church
Wanborough, Wiltshire.

Photo crop (ripped edge B)

Last Updated

28 August 2016


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  1. I remember years ago when the bells had work done to them, i gave up ringing around then but am tempted about returning

    (Posted on 2015-11-19 21:39:00 by Jar Jar)
  2. I remember going up with them when they used to practice also we used to play the Hand Bells with Ted happy Days...

    (Posted on 2014-03-18 15:19:00 by
  3. I recognise Ted Anger and my two Aunts June and Iris Morse on the Photo Ted on the Left as I look at it Iris next to the Vicar June far Right .I remember going up with them when they used to practice also we used to play the Hand Bells with Ted happy Days . I often visit the church yard as I still live in Swindon my uncle and Grandparens are there .Regards Frances

    (Posted on 2011-03-08 13:22:00 by Frances Boyd (was Pickvance))
  4. Helloooo from Bath! Nice website you have here guys. Really informative. Was browsing and came across it. I have just moved from Swindon back to Bath. Have recently returned to ringing after 37 years away from it! Last rang at the age of 14 and then not again until four weeks ago! It really is something you don't forget how to do though. Anyway I'm trying to remember methods and things I've forgotten after all those years and am busy visiting various Bath towers now including being fortunate enough to ring the beautiful Bath Abbey bells. If I come to your area I'd love to visit your tower. Wish I'd started again YEARS ago! Best wishes and keep up the good work!

    (Posted on 2009-11-04 12:57:00 by Nicki Williams)
  5. Big up to you ringers.

    I was just cruizin the net when i came across this little gem. Dropping harmonic bombs on friday nights what i do all over the country, europe and the rest of the stratosphere. Keep it up people because the big dawg aka Mr money aka dadda lovin aka the showman may be makin a visit to swindon in the near future.

    keep smooth and enjoy the sound of bells




    (Posted on 2009-09-01 20:01:00 by Tim Westwood)

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